Monday, September 27, 2010 : How is gaining 907.41% is possible with our in-house strategy?


Here is our second post on our blog. Congratulation for those who are already with us. May you been having a profitable Forex experiences. Join us on our daily live trade with Mr. Nazril Sabtu (Fundamental Trainer) and Mr. Ahmad Shahmi Ahmad Nordin (Technical Trainer) at NusajayaFX Training Centre. We welcome you with open arms on your way to achieve financial independent.

First of all, I will explain why our Daily Live Trade is very important in your journey to be a Professional Forex Trader. As you all know, to understand the Forex market is not enough with just a couple of days. You'll need to have hand-on Live Trading with the Trainer in order to understand Technical and Fundamental Analysis better. You need at least least 3 - 6 months. All of us know Forex, but experience is needed when applying and interpreting everything that you've learned into the real market will be the real challenge.

Forex can be simple. It can also be very profitable. That depends on you. We as trainers are the one who will be your guidance in your road to be a successful Forex Trader.

We will guide you by trading with us. Our class is enough to accommodate 15 pax at one time.

Daily Live Trade is the same like our Support Classes but for those who wants a personal support class, please let us know in advance. Personal support classes are charge the same like the usual support classes. We are committed to see your success in this industry.

Our in house strategy will be given depend on your experience in trading. Thus, those who want to advanced to the next level, let us see your capabilities on managing your trading first. We won't want the strategy being misused which will cause confusion in your daily trades. Until we feel that you are ready, we will t each you on a personal coaching basis. Yes it is 100% free.

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